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Hey There! I am Aaron Irizarry a Jedi Master… err.. umm... well ok interactive designer, and blogger. Solv is my interactive design and strategy outfit that provides design, strategy, and consulting services for small to medium sized businesses, and pretty much anyone else who wants to do awesome stuff with their personal projects.

On any given day you might catch me working on wordpress themes, designing websites, drinking coffee, coding designs for fellow designers, and helping with online strategery so that his clients take right the approach to building an effective online brand. Feel free to check out some of that work here.

I am not a social media guru, ninja, or a rockstar web designer… but I do enjoy finding creative ways to help my clients succeed whatever the level of their online presence by providing the right solution, mixed with good ole’ fashioned hard work.

You can also find me rambling about design, development, and the pursuit of happiness on my blog www.thisisaaronslife.com.

If you have any questions about Solv, the services I offer, Star Wars, or Zombies dont be shy... Get in touch.

Aaron Irizarry

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