Solv Interactive provides interactive design and strategy services, with a focus on usability and visual appeal.


Recent Projects

  • Life Coaching Today

    Service: WebSite Re-Design (html/css/Wordpress/JS).

    Purpose: The focus of this project was to redesign the existing site,
    to give a more personal, and peacful touch.

    Tools: Photoshop, JS, HTML, CSS

    Custom Wordpress Design
  • Enjoy Lighting

    Service: Website Re-Design (html/css/Wordpress/JS).

    Purpose: The goal of this project is was to give their existing site a fresh look for an upcoming promotion on the television programDesigning Spaces

    Tools:html, css, Wordpress, JS

    Custom Wordpress Design
  • Miramonte Winery Web Project

    Service: User Experience Consulting, and Web Design Support (html/css/Wordpress).

    Purpose: The goal of this project is to help in cleaning up the current code (html/css) and provide continual support for site structure, Wordpress development, and User Experience consulting.

    Tools: Photoshop, Wordpress, HTML, CSS

    Custom Wordpress Design
  • Custom Magazine Wordpress Theme

    Service: Custom Wordpress theme mock-up and development.

    Purpose: The goal of this project was to provide an affordable and easy to manage platform for magazines to build their brand online.
    The site functioned as a blog, used a featured article content rotator to highlight content, allowed for ad space, used wordpress plug-in’s to integrate social media feeds, and community interaction.

    Tools: Photoshop, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

    Custom Wordpress Magazine Theme
  • Wordpress Product Landing Page

    Service: Design, Front End development (html/css)

    Purpose: This landing page was built to provide a simple effective tool for marketing a new wordpress product. The page provided a brief product description, marketing pitch, and a contact form.

    Tools: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP(contact form)

    Wordpress Product Landing Page
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News & Updates


A Little Local Lovin' for the Users Out There - The small business marketing world continues to grow, especially in the online world of local directories (Internet Yellow Pages). One of the leaders in this space is CitySquares, they are leading their space by consistently providing easy to use environments for their users to interact and get their business online and noticed. I am excited to announce that Solv will be providing user experience consulting for some of their new customer facing interface initiatives.

FEB 01

Can You Feel the Love- Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive with the site launch, and helpful with feedback.The site was recently featured on CSSMania, and Unmatched Style. So head on over and give them some luvin'

JAN 11

A Trip to Wine Country - Though I have been working with them for a bit, I am excited to be providing consulting services to Miramonte Winery. Miramonte is a great bunch of people lead by Cane Vanderhoof, they are consistently creating a great environment for for people to connect and share life and good wine. I will mostly be helping them with cleaning up, and fine tuning the back end of the site, and implimenting some wordpress goodness working in tandom with Joel Beukelman. Watch this space for a case study.

JAN 06
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From The Blog

JAN 06
Use What Works For You -

The simple fact is this: You, and only you, can determine what works best for you. Regardless of how biased or objectively the advice is phrased..."

This is a great read about using the technologies and platforms that work for you (not just because they are trendy) by Cameron Moll [read more]